Why I don’t blog much anymore…

Writing about tech was always time consuming and not always easy to get into the right mind frame to do. But at least when I did it, it was concrete and I could expose my assumptions. I believe using Habitat to do can be explained, and I can even wrap the argument in assumptions. Docker this, sensu that, a little orchestration to solve this problem.

Contrast that with management. Am I a good manager? I think so? I hope so? My boss would have said something if I was sucking, right? Are the things I am doing just side effects or are they actually doing what I expect? There really is no way to be sure. This makes it incredibly hard to write about… I can tell you the books I have read, I can even on occasion, explain why I feel the way I do. But. to put down concretely that I am doing it right seems so artificial and likely a lie.

The things I know for sure:

  • I have an awesome team.
  • I have an awesome boss.
  • There is more experience to gain, no matter how many books I read.

So the question becomes… How do I share? How do we share? How do we grow together as managers the same way we have grown together as technologists? Going a step further, how do we prepare each other for the types of things we are going to encounter?