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Future of HangOps

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Back in August of 2012, Brandon Burton (@solarce) and Jordan Sissel (@jordansissel) started an amazing thing, HangOps. The idea behind HangOps was simple, get ops folks together for an hour or so a week to grab coffee remotely and talk shop. Between the number of us that were remote or ops teams of one, it was a great way to talk to others in the field without waiting for the one or two conferences a year most of us are able to attend.

Over the last two years it has grown into something amazing. We have had a chance to not only connect with the luminaries of our community but work together to really understand the successes and failures of our peers. It has been a place where you could come ask questions and get honest answers.

But, just as our systems change over time, so must HangOps. After two years of making HangOps a thing, Brandon has handed me the reins so he can focus on some new job responsibilities and his family. While he will still join us, more or less regularly, he has handed off the responsibility of continuing to make HangOps a thing. I am super grateful for the guidance that Brandon has provided and for getting this all started.

So, where to from here? First, let’s get back on a regular cadence. The next HangOps will be at our usual time 11:00 AM PDT (18:00 UTC) on Friday, August 29th, 2014. Let’s talk monitoring and testing, whether that ends up being a discussion of test-kitchen, chefspec, and puppet-rspec type things or more focused on sensu and nagios type things is up to the panel.

Thanks again to everyone that has been part of HangOps over the last two years. Let’s make it another awesome two years!